Meeting notes

GIS Parents present:  Rashmi, Ilse, Dianne, Russel, Lidia, Sarah, Sandra   
                                        May 29th  2017

GIS Admin & teachers present:  Dinah H., Chris S., Sara L.    
Regrets: Kanika
Next meeting:  8 am Monday June 12th in GIs cafeteria area
Sports Recognition event:  Thursday June 15th  beginning at 6:30 pm                                     
Outcome OR Follow-up
§  Planning for 200 people and total of 25 tables = B 20,000. total budget
§  Menu:  Veg.simosa, Veg. kisch, Chicken spring rolls, Veggies & dip, Fruit salad
§  Volunteers:  Meet 1 pm in Kitchen to prepare food
§  Serving trays (25) will be borrowed from the wat.
§  Trays will be prepared in sufficient quantity that they will not need refilling
§  Servers put food on tables at 6:30 when program begins
Lek Steele
Sarah Longstaffe

  Family Sports Picnic:  Saturday June 17th 2 pm – 6 pm  (GIS only event)
§  BBQ:  Pork burgers & sausages with grilled onions
§  Ice lollies
§  Pizza:  Sandra will borrow Pizza Co 2/1 cards to order
Drinks:  1 cooler with iceIlse knows our current stock will order more as necessary
Set up: 
§  Lek will draw up suggested area plans food & activities
§  Car boot sale will be set up on Secondary hard court  
§  Sufficient garbage bins need to be put in food areas
§  K. Nim will have to approve all set up
§  Dinah will ask for pre-recorded music to play from USB to be set up
§  Dinah will send all GIS parent email two week ahead and again 1 week ahead
§  Posters have been done in English & be put around school but cannot be translated into Thai. 
Food:  Sandra Frost

Set up:  Lek + Nim

Promotion - Dinah
Activities:  Closer to event, Lidia will e-mail K.Nim for assistance with required equipment.
§  Bouncy castle will not be booked as Lidia has full slate of fun activities
From Lidia:
1.       Running/ walking 2.15 pm:   ONE circle around the field should be more then enough.
People can run or walk even with little ones, everyone will get medal for taking part.
2.       Cricket 2..30 - 4pm:  Mary (mum from foundation) is trying to put teems together for the game , hopefully soon i will hear from her more updates.
Need equipment support, which as discussed will get from Rashmi & Sarah (Thank you)
3.       Volleyball, 4 pm - 5pm:   Russell offered to help out and be responsible for this activity.  I will email K. Nim to get the equipment ready for the game.
4.       Football 5pm - 6 pm:   Hopefully  people will just want to do it on the day, Chris volunteered to be responsible for getting players and he will start the game.
5.       Dodgeball 4pm:   Maya and her friend will build the teams. Soon i get more volunteers to help supervise.  I will allocate an adult for it.
6.       Cap race:   On the side where we can draw some racing tracks with chalk from  2.30 onwards,  Aniela will help out with this activity.
7.       Water slides:  I still need to find out how this works and if it can be set up alongside other games taking part on the fields.
8.       Lek will connect with Lidia to decide on participants awards, prizes, etc. ???
Lidia Share
Dianne will make table plan to provide 2 tables & 2 chairs for each.  ONE electrical area for testing.  Table plan & booking sheet will be with K. Bonnie in front office.   Sandra will check with Global Action supported charities to have a table.
Dianne Doell